Experience the ultimate dream vacation in one of our villas. They are located in the Astra Zante Villas complex in the enchanting area of ​​the seaside Keri, close to the blue caves. The villas are independent and can accommodate up to 8 people depending on the size of the villa. The complex features 7 luxurious villas with a modern design and are surrounded by a lush garden. Each villa has a private pool and is framed by umbrellas, chaise longue and garden furniture to enjoy the most beautiful summer of your life, gazing at the magnificent Zakynthos stretching out in front of your feet.

Are you ready for a guided tour to the villas?

Okay, let’s start with the main attraction on the island and possibly the most photographed site in the entire country. This stunning stretch of white sand and impossibly blue water is protected by a natural harbour with terrifyingly tall 200 meter high cliffs on 3 sides.

Set smack dab in the middle of the sand is a decaying ship. A (false) rumour has it that this was a tobacco smuggler’s ship that crashed into the beach during a storm, when in reality it’s just a cargo boat that ran ashore. Whether you believe the romantic story or not doesn’t matter, the massive ship resting on the sand definitely adds to the charm and allure of this spectacular sight.

There are two ways to see Navagio Beach, either by sea or from the top of the cliffs. There are no roads leading directly to the sand, so to swim in the water and see the shipwreck up close, you’ll have to take a boat tour.

These can be hired from different towns around the island. If you have a car, then your cheapest option will be to drive to the closest cove to Navagio Beach and hop on a boat from there.

The reefs and beaches around Zakynthos are home to one of the oldest lifeforms on Earth, the Loggerhead Sea Turtle. This beautiful creature can be spotted in the Zakynthos Marine Park or coming ashore to lay eggs in the evening on many bays (even popular ones) around Zakynthos and surrounding islands.

You’re likely to spot a turtle at some point during your trip to Zakynthos, but to better your chances you should definitely hop on a boat and go find them.