Experience the ultimate dream vacation in one of our villas. They are located in the Astra Zante Villas complex in the enchanting area of ​​the seaside Keri, close to the blue caves. The villas are independent and can accommodate up to 8 people depending on the size of the villa. The complex features 7 luxurious villas with a modern design and are surrounded by a lush garden. Each villa has a private pool and is framed by umbrellas, chaise longue and garden furniture to enjoy the most beautiful summer of your life, gazing at the magnificent Zakynthos stretching out in front of your feet.

Are you ready for a guided tour to the villas?

The traditional village of Keri is located 20km southwest of the town of Zakynthos. 

It is set on a mountain overlooking the deep blue of the Ionian sea and it is most known for its wonderful beach which is called Limni Keriou or Keri’s Lake.

This small lovely beach is of pebbles shaded by some pinetrees and surrounded by many local taverns that especially at night give the bay a fantastic atmosphere.  At the crossroad before Keri’s Lake there is a road on the right that goes up to the mountainous village of Keri. The village is characterized by small streets and traditional stone houses which consist a simple way of living. The visitor will notice olive groves and vineyards scattered around the area of Keri because even the rapid tourist development during the last years most of the people at Keri still occupy themselves with agriculture.

Except for the Keri’s Lake the area is also known for its lighthouse, the Marathonisi island, the Marathias beach and the Blue Caves. The lighthouse in Keri is located on a promontory more than 300m from the sea level and was used to guide ships for more than a century. The place around the lighthouse offers a breathtaking view to the sea and is rather the best place in the island to enjoy a lovely sunset.

Marathonisi is a small island in the turtle’s bay close to Keri’s Lake beach. The island has neither inhabitants nor buildings, following the restrictions of Zakynthos’ Marine Park, as the Caretta-Caretta turtles come here to breed their eggs. It is worth visiting the island by your own boat or by organized tourists visits and enjoy its crystal clear, blue waters and feel like you are in paradise.

Marathias beach is another wonderful beach, located near Keri’s Lake and is a wise choice for the one who want a quiet place to swim and enjoy the sun. Long away of Marathias you can visit by boat the Blue Caves that consist of a picturesque place ideal for scuba-diving.

Finally the shops in Keri even a few are mostly found around Keri’s Lake and they are very well supplied. You can find souvenir shops, bakeries, supermarkets and tourist shops. Don’t miss the chance though to buy olive oil and wine as Keri produces one of the best qualities in Zakynthos.